Marking Requirements for Acquisition Awards

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Contracts & Acquisitions Communications help ensure beneficiaries know where the aid is coming from.

On January 02, 2015, USAID issued a revised agency policy, ADS 320, which provides agency procedures for the branding and marking of USAID-financed assistance (generally contracting.) Section 320.3.2 provides the details information related to acquisition. The entire ADS 320 chapter is available here for download.

The use of the Graphic Standards Manual for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is compulsory for all Agency employees and contractors producing communications and program materials funded by USAID. Print copies of the manual were distributed to Agency bureaus and missions. Contractors should download a copy from this site.

All branding questions not covered in the manual, should be addressed to the Contracting Office Representative (COR)s .

Downloadable files for our updated logo and new brandmark, which together form the USAID Standard Graphic Identity or the USAID Identity, are provided. The USAID Identity must be used to mark all programs, projects, activities, public communications, and commodities funded by USAID. Contractor’s organizational logos should NOT be included on program materials unless approved in advance by USAID.

USAID receives "exclusive branding and marking" for the work conducted under all acquisition awards. This means that the foreign assistance delivered is clearly credited to the American people. It also means that competing logos or identities, such as the contractor's, are excluded. Templates for facts sheets, press releases, and other common communications are also provided (See Templates). Vendors who stock a supply of pressure sensitive and vinyl labels are also listed. (See Suppliers).

The USAID Standard Graphic Identity is an official U.S. Government symbol, and any alteration, distortion, recreation, translation or misuse is strictly prohibited. It may not be used without express permission. A number of digital file formats are available for download for web and print purposes.