ADS Reference 527mab

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Administrative Guidance on How to Close a USAID Operating Unit – Checklists

Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 527

Full Revision Date: 07/17/2018
Responsible Office: M/MS/OMD
File Name: 527mab_071718


This guidance must be applied when USAID Missions, field units designated as Offices of AID Representatives, or other USAID overseas Operating Units (collectively referred to as “USAID Missions” throughout this document) are to be closed. It should be noted that closure of an Operating Unit must be USAID/Washington-generated and briefed and approved by the interagency and the appropriate Congressional committees. Similarly, the appropriate host country entities should be notified and involved as necessary to help facilitate a smooth transition.

The guidance addresses the termination or the transfer of administrative duties to successor B/IOs or Missions. This guidance covers administrative, financial, and logistical close-out matters only and not programmatic close-out, which is addressed through close-out plans and guidance developed for program operations, Acquisition & Assistance activities, communications/outreach and related programmatic functions.

The guidance also should be used as a reference when Missions are downsizing significantly due to decreased funding levels and ending activities in whole sectors or areas of programmatic emphasis.