ADS Chapter 509

Speeches Shim

Management and Oversight of Agency Information Technology Resources

Functional Series 500 – Management Services

New Edition Date: 05/20/2019
Responsible Office: M/CIO
File Name: 509_052019


This Automated Directives System (ADS) chapter defines operational policy for the management and oversight of information-technology (IT) resources at USAID. 

This chapter provides general information on the scope of federal laws and regulations relating to IT.  Additional guidance is located in the references cited in this chapter including OMB’s memorandums, other ADS chapters, and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Bureaus, Independent Offices, and Missions (B/IO/Ms) are advised to contact the Bureau for Management, Office of the Chief Information Officer (M/CIO) as early as possible when IT resource management issues or questions arise.