2015 Partnerships with the Private Sector

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To solve the world’s most intractable development challenges, USAID proactively seeks to build partnerships that leverage the diverse skills, assets, technologies and resources of the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

In the past 15 years, USAID has built more than 1,600 partnerships with the private sector involving more than 3,500 unique partner organizations. These partnerships are expected to leverage more than $16 billion in non-U.S. government public and private funds.

The Agency reported more than 360 active public-private partnerships with at least one private sector partner in 2015, with 107 new reported partnerships since 2014. These partnerships engaged more than 950 partners, including 753 private sector parters and 548 local partners. The partnerships spanned 93 countries and 9 development sectors.

Learn more about USAID's partnerships with the private sector at Global Partnerships

2015 Partnerships with the Private Sector
USAID Missions that Reported Active Partnerships in 2015* Number of Partnerships with the Private Sector
Afghanistan 1
Angola 2
Armenia 4
Bangladesh 3
Benin 1
Bosnia and Herz. 3
Brazil 1
Cambodia 4
Colombia 24
Dem. Rep. Congo 2
Dominican Rep. 3
Egypt 1
El Salvador 5
Ethiopia 3
Georgia 3
Ghana 4
Guatemala 5
Haiti 3
Honduras 3
India 20
Indonesia 9
Iraq 1
Jamaica 2
Jordan 2
Kenya 6
Lebanon 1
Liberia 1
Macedonia 1
Malawi 4
Mali 3
Mexico 6
Moldova 2
Morocco 1
Mozambique 6
Myanmar 4
Namibia 1
Nepal 1
Nicaragua 3
Nigeria 7
Pakistan 7
Palestine 3
Paraguay 4
Peru 3
Philippines 18
Rwanda 3
Senegal 3
Serbia 2
South Africa 13
Sudan 1
Tanzania 5
Timor-Leste 1
Tunisia 1
Uganda 4
Ukraine 3
Vietnam 3
Zambia 6


*Please note that this list and the map above only includes countries in which USAID Missions reported partnerships with the private sector that were active in 2015. This list does not include global partnerships or partnerships managed by functional bureaus active across numerous countries. 

Key Term: ‘Lab leverage’ is a program performance indicator for the U.S. Global Development Lab that captures commitments of funding and in-kind resources from a range of external non-USAID partners investing in shared development goals when working jointly with the Lab on a partnership, program or activity. The Lab’s leverage performance indicator includes: all cost-share contributions (from both public and private sector partners); all other contributions (from the private sector, the public sector, and other U.S. government agencies); and gifts (from foreign governments, private organizations, and individuals).