Mary Eileen Devitt

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Mary Eileen Devitt
Mission Director

Mary Eileen Devitt is a Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service with the rank of Counselor. Ms. Devitt is USAID's incoming Mission Director for Lebanon. She has over 20 years of diverse USAID experience including 15 years in the Middle East. Ms. Devitt served as the financial management development expert for Agency, supported regional and bilateral operations and provided executive-level expertise in public financial management; leadership in donor and host country government, and private sector engagement and collaboration on a broad range of matters including public financial management, macro-economic issues, and private sector engagement. As USAID's Acting Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Overseas Operations, she provided technical direction and support to over 180 US Foreign Service Officers and 1,700 Foreign Service National financial management professionals. Ms. Devitt and her team were also responsible for oversight and stewardship of the USAID's financial resources totaling over $34 billion dollars.

In her most recent assignment, Ms. Devitt was the Senior Development Advisor/Country Director for Yemen based in the Yemen Affairs Unit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2018 to 2020). Prior to Yemen, Ms. Devitt was the Director of the Office of Financial Management in Egypt (2014-2018) where she also served in Mission leadership. Ms. Devitt served as the Acting Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Financial Officer at USAID Headquarters in Washington, DC (2011-2014). She has led financial management teams in Bangladesh (2007-2011); the Regional Service Center for Southern Africa (2002-2007) and Egypt (1997 to 2003). She has served as an advisor to the non-permissive environment and regionalization working groups and on other Agency initiatives.

Ms. Devitt has received a number of Superior and Meritorious honor and performance awards during her USAID career. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Spring Hill College and a Master's degree in Management from Webster University.