Fact Sheet: The Bureau for Global Health

Speeches Shim

The global health and development landscape is rapidly changing due to new technologies, expansions in data, digital health, and knowledge, and private sector engagement, as well as the changing disease and development landscape. The current Bureau for Global Health (USAID/GH)mays not have the optimal structure to fully address these opportunities and complexities. In addition, USAID is already in the process of reorganizing most of its headquarters. Many of the well-reasoned changes proposed for other parts of the USAID structure need to be implemented in the context of the Agency's largest technical bureau, USAID/GH.

USAID will focus on empowering people and communities, promoting preventive and primary care, building optimal health systems and identify innovative and blended financing opportunities to use our capital more effectively and catalytically, while also managing challenges and crises. USAID/GH will reform in order to better support integrated strategies for global health, while continuing to provide targeted assistance to disease-elimination efforts.

Friday, March 27, 2020 - 3:15pm