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System Name: USAID Info
Managing Office: Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs (OAPA)
Date PIA Completed: June 22, 2018


USAID programs in agriculture, democracy and governance, economic growth, education, energy, health, and infrastructure provide Afghans and Pakistanis with the tools, technical support, capacity building and institutions for stability, economic development, and security in the region. USAID's Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs (OAPA) provides technical support, analysis, and resource management in effectively and efficiently implementing these programs. The Program Office (OAPA/PO) provides leadership in strategic planning, budget formulation and execution, program oversight and accountability, and communications, in addition to corresponding technical support to USAID Missions in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

USAID Info was developed to support OAPA by providing a stable, secure environment to input, store, and retrieve project and award data, implementation-level information, and performance indicator and budget data. The system improves workflow efficiencies in managing Program portfolios. Key functionality of USAID Info includes:

  • Address the Missions’ need for efficient aggregate data collection, Mission-wide analysis, and easy data querying and reporting across time periods;
  • Support on-demand reporting requirements at the Missions and USAID/W via standardized and customizable reports at the Mission-, Development Objective-, Office-, project-, and award-levels;
  • Promote standardization and completeness in type and content of performance level and geospatial data;
  • Maintain a centralized repository for current and historical documentation of our programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan for adaptive management and accountability of USAID programming; and,
  • Enable tracking and easy reporting of budget and spending data at the implementing mechanism, program element, account, and FY level, and combine this information with obligations, disbursements and accruals imported from the Agency’s accounting system.

USAID Info collects data from internal agency and implementing partner users. The system facilitates internal agency users in workflow management, performance monitoring, evaluations, and portfolio management and reporting requirements.

USAID Info also supports Power Africa by providing data management for Program, partner, and donor data as part of, and in addition to, the functionality mentioned above.

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 3:00pm