Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A)

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System Name: Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A)
Managing Office: Global Health
Date PIA Completed: May 4, 2018


USAID's Global Health (GH) programs have three strategic priorities that build on our success and focus our work, while building sustainable and resilient health systems in the poorest regions of the world:

  1. preventing maternal and child deaths;
  2. controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic; and
  3. combatting infectious diseases.

In support of these priorities, USAID’s Global Health Supply Chain (GHSC) programs are focused on procuring health commodities and managing supplies, performing quality assurance on critical health commodities, providing personnel to act as advisors for recipient countries, and performing comprehensive oversight and visibility into all GHSC activities and spending. Each of these programs is implemented by an Implementing Partner through a contract with USAID GH.

USAID is tasked with buying GH program commodities for supporting country program implementations. To ensure the commodity supply chain is meeting USG goals, we require our supply chain Implementing Partners capture all supply chain data and send this data to USAID for our own review and analysis.

Because the GHSC program is so large, USAID manages multiple contracts to achieve not only the procurement and delivery of commodities, but to also provide quality assurance of the commodities and technical assistance to countries to continue the supply chain within the countries where we work. Each Implementing Partner needs to capture data to allow USAID to monitor performance and analyze data across partners to ensure continuity of programs.

Each GHSC contract operates independently and reports separately. USAID needs a means for pulling together all the GHCS data to manage the entire GHSC program.

The GHSC contracts are awarded at the global level, but several operate in both global and country offices. The global offices can also be distributed in several different locations.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 3:45pm