USAID Staffing Report to Congress - June, 2016

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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is pleased to provide the following report pursuant to House Report 114-154 accompanying H.R. 2772, which details “the number of people employed by USAID, the category of employment (direct hire, personal service contractor, Participating Agency Service Agreement, and similar categories), the veteran status of direct hires employed by USAID, the office or overseas post to which they are assigned or detailed, the appropriation account used to fund the employees, specific legislative authority needed to hire the employees, and, if hired by another Federal agency, the additional administrative expenses charged by that agency,” and, “staffing levels and position titles for all Washington-based and overseas employees by bureau, office or other unit.”

USAID utilizes multiple hiring mechanisms to accomplish its work and deliver on its mission to end extreme poverty. Congress has provided authorities to USAID that allow for multiple employment arrangements. This allows the Agency to provide effective project design, implementation, and oversight of USAID-managed and co-managed programs. The nature of the work is usually the primary driver in determining the most appropriate type of employment mechanism. In response to the reporting requirement, USAID provides the following information in five sections:

  1. Detail of Washington-based positions, including a table for Institutional Contractors, by operating unit
  2. Detail of Overseas Post positions by operating unit
  3. Direct hire employee veteran status information
  4. Legislative authority needed to hire employees information
  5. Administrative Expenses Charged by Participating Agency Service Agreements and other comparable mechanisms
Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 4:15pm