Small Grants Program Report to Congress

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The purpose of the Small Grants Program (SGP) is to promote the capacity for locally-owned and led development by:

  • strengthening networks of local development actors;
  • mobilizing and accessing local resources;
  • tapping into the experience and skills of organizations that may not be traditional USAID partners by funding unsolicited proposals;
  • identifying and disseminating the principles, approaches, and methods that lead to local development actors successfully meeting the evolving needs of a broad range of constituents; and
  • providing long-term financial and technical support for Mission-led programs.

USAID’s Office of Local Sustainability (E3/LS) will competitively select no fewer than three USAID Missions to design and manage a multi-year SGP in their respective countries. Missions will have access to SGP-funded financial, technical, and human resources required to create bridges between and strengthen networks of local development actors. The SGP will encourage Missions to identify and respond to unsolicited proposals that contribute to locally identified and developed program objectives. The SGP will also encourage the use of collaboratively developed, agile awards that can be adapted when data or conditions change.

The SGP’s goal is to demonstrate that investing in key local organizations – including support from nontraditional US, international, and local entities – can contribute to strong, long-lasting domestic networks that mobilize local resources, influence country systems, and help solve development challenges. Development partners are eligible to participate in the SGP only if they have not received more than $5 million in U.S. Government support over the last five years.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - 4:15pm