Meet Luka Krzhaloski, EDYN Representative from North Macedonia

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The European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) is a coalition of young civic and political leaders located in Central and Eastern Europe, united by the desire to empower new generations of change makers. Luka is the EDYN Macedonia Representative. Hear about the network, what it stands for. If you are under the age of 33 and you want to join a coalition of young civic and political leaders in Central and Eastern Europe, learn how to apply here:

Video Transcript 
Could you tell me please, what was your first impression of the European Democracy Youth Network and the peers you met at the network. First of all, I would like to say, big thank you to as USAID organization, to International Republican Institute, and National Democratic Institute that supported me and invited me to be a part of this project. So first, when I was traveling to Washington, D.C., I knew that there will be a new generation. I have all the agenda and following documents. But, to be honest, I didn't know the details of this organization. So, when I came there, I thought that will be the same event that I have been before and that there will only be representatives from ring-wing political youth organizations. But when I asked my colleagues from Bosnia and Georgia from which party are they coming, they told me that they are coming from the left-wing youth political organization. Serbian one, Moldavian one, Azerbaijan one, and Belarus one told me that they are coming from the NGO sector. The other three because we were ten people there, the other three were from Albania, Kosovo, and Ukraine -- they told me are coming from the right-wing political youth organization -- same like me. So first I was like where I'm coming and how can we cooperate and how can we work together because we have different ideologies and I'm sure that everyone one of us asked him/herself about this question. But, the next day, we proved the opposite that with deep and effective discussion we can set, and we set our goals, our principles, our values, and our vision which is more important and it was very interesting. That is so impressive, very impressive. What are next steps for the organization? We will have an application process for membership of EDYN. That means that we will have an application form and I as the representative from North Macedonia will share that application form in all the youth sector in our country, in all the youth political organizations and all the NGO sector.

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