World AIDS Day 2020

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Video Transcript 
Controlling the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Through the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), USAID is at the forefront of the global HIV response. Despite COVID-19 barriers, USAID continues to provide access to life-saving treatment to people living with HIV Currently, USAID is supporting 6.1 million people with antiretroviral therapy. Through PEPFAR, USAID has provided HIV testing and counseling to 167 million people, identified 7.6 million new HIV cases, and provided 5.6 million orphans and vulnerable children with HIV services. This work is possible through partnerships with more than 140 local organizations. Looking ahead, USAID will simplify service delivery models for multi-disease responses, implement strategic health financing and private-sector solutions, improve pandemic readiness and response, develop client-centered supply chain solutions, and build adolescent and youth resilience. USAID is committed to ensuring communities in need have the support and resources to control and ultimately end the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.