From the Village to the Global Market

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USAID and the Global Shea Alliance help 16 million women from 21 African countries to collect, harvest and sell shea products around the world. By linking these communities to the global market, USAID helps families engage in international trade and earn a reliable source of income -- helping their countries on their journey to self-reliance. This video highlights the work Rita Dampson does with shea collectors and processors in rural Ghana.  

Video Transcript 
00:03 [Music] 00:06 since I got myself into the shale 00:08 industry I make sure I go to the rural 00:11 areas that is where the sheer trees are 00:13 always abundant and the chef because 00:17 that 00:19 I went with women I put women together I 00:22 give them skills I have power them and 00:26 so they always in something that is my 00:29 job 00:39 I started with 33 women and now they are 00:45 like thousand and even more when I form 00:51 a new group I go to them and build 00:54 centers there and then we start working 00:56 together we stand under this caution 01:00 stand to roast to crush and drew all the 01:03 way the share button is the hardware 01:10 [Music] 01:27 though it is very hard but still the 01:29 women are so happy 01:32 some have saved up to the amount they 01:35 can used to build a house in the village 01:39 the beneficiary had from the sheer 01:41 possession 01:41 she has been saving some money so they 01:44 have now moved from the family house to 01:46 their own house with their children here 01:49 actually it has changed my life and now 01:53 I'm living in a new house I used to be 01:56 cooking and doing everything in my pouch 01:58 but now I can see I have a kitchen that 02:01 I stand in comfort ability to things 02:03 without any worries it's like a dream to 02:07 me because I didn't start this way and I 02:11 think is the hard-working with me and my 02:13 women that have gotten me up to this 02:17 stage 02:18 [Music] 02:22 I have gone far I have benefited and I 02:26 want a woman to feel the same I want the 02:29 woman to also get up to the stage I am 02:32 now 02:33 [Music] 02:44 [Applause] 02:54 you

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