The Value of Co-Creation in Colombia

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USAID/Colombia began encouraging private-sector investment in violence-affected areas in 2017 by uniting Mission staff, new and existing private sector partners in business development co-creation processes. The Mission issued an Addendum to the GDA APS -- and private sector Colombian firms resoundly answered the call. Together, corporations, family and corporate foundations, financial institutions, and large conglomerates submitted a total of 80 concept papers to USAID/Colombia.

After a thorough review of these concept papers, which involved a great effort from OAA, OFM, PSE Specialist and all technical offices, USAID/Colombia moved 20 concept papers forward to the full application stage. USAID/Colombia kicked off a series of events with successful concept paper applicants, including a co-creation workshop that was attended by 25 enterprises and 90 people, including USAID staff.  At this workshop, USAID's team taught potential business partners about technical and cost requirements associated with USAID partnerships.

Full Mission staff participation -- including front office leadership and all technical offices -- was instrumental in ensuring a unified Mission private sector engagement approach and it demonstrated USAID’s commitment to increase private sector engagement in Colombia. Likewise, the consistent participation of USAID staff and potential business partners helped maintain transparency and fairness in the co-creation process. Thanks to the hard work of all parties involved, the Mission signed eight global development alliances (GDAs) with the private sector. These GDAs are currently being implemented and are already showing impactful results.

Video: Hanz Rippe and Fernada Pineda for USAID/Colombia

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