USAID is a Proud Friend of FX3X

Speeches Shim

USAID is proud to have recognized Kristian's and Mishko's potential, and helped them on their journey starting in an apartment to becoming a recognizable name in Hollywood in digital animation. USAID is marking its 25 year anniversary in Macedonia.

Video Transcript 
You can see the real stars on screen. It’s not us. If at all, we are mentioned in the credits, we come at the end. But everyone we work with knows Macedonia. We are Fx3x. A company founded in 1997. We started much earlier with animation and visual effects, at a time when animations and visual effects were unknown terms. People did not know that there was such a profession. All we wanted was to be creative and do cool stuff. With this approach, our company became both big and globally recognizable. And we remained creative! The first time we offered our services in Hollywood they asked, “Where is Macedonia?” Can you imagine, we started the company in a small room in an apartment. Two Silicon Graphics machines worth $50,000 each were put on my desk and on a small plastic table. We sent our first Hollywood project on DVDs since there was no internet. Today, this studio is virtually connected to a similar studio we own in Los Angeles. There are several milestones in the development of the company which I often recall. I remember the first meeting with USAID - some of the few who understood the potential of our profession. They knew people who understood our business. They connected us with these professionals and our good cooperation started here. Let’s go watch the Oscars!

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