USAID promotes interethnic understanding through Nase Maalo

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In 2000, USAID funded the first ever children's television show promoting interethnic understanding in Macedonia - Nashe Maalo. Now, for it's 25th anniversary in the country, USAID has brought the Nashe Maalo crew back together.

Video Transcript 
Wooow, it’s been a while. You’re still the same, even your smiles have remained the same. Do you think she will recognize us? Hey, who saw her first? I don’t know, shall we wake her up? Where am I? What’s the date today? Beni, Ice, Dzejlan, Zana, Mali, Darko Am I dreaming? No Karmen, you are not dreaming. Today is a very special day, today is Nashe Maalo’s 18th birthday. Wooow, 18 years! So much time has passed… Yes, it really has been a while. All of us are different now, we have grown up, and we live in different places. Some of us even have our own children. But, no matter where we go, we bring the spirit of Nashe Maalo with us. Do you remember how much fun we had? We were eagerly waiting for summer, to start filming, and hanging out? How could we not be eager, everyone treated us like we were stars. We were not acting at all, we were playing, and hanging out. Karmen was the spirit that brought us together, and as if with a magic wand, got rid of all our differences. But to be honest, someone else imposed those differences on us. Yes, yes. But Nashe Maalo was a huge lesson for us, Nashe Maalo was a lesson in love. I learned a lot from our friendship. Today, I try to pass on my experience to my children too. We sort of became ambassadors of friendship in Macedonia. I'm proud of you kids. I am proud of the diversity, the understanding, and love you have for people. You, you have always valued qualities, not origin or religion. Someone is proud, and someone is starving. Make a wish, Karmen! I wish the story and spirit of Nase Maalo lives forever through the friendship of all children today. Happy birthday, Karmen! Nashe Maalo was part of a USAID program to promote multiethnic understanding. This project helped us get to know one another better and overcome our differences.

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