USAID Partners with UNICEF to Assist Serbia in Combating COVID-19

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Obrenovac, April 24, 2010 - With USAID assistance, UNICEF is distributing kits, including supplies soap, detergent, and hygiene products, to the most at-risk communities and facilities. That will benefit approximately 10,000 families from the poorest households in residential institutions, refugee and migrant centers, and Roma settlements throughout the country. USAID is also working with UNICEF to provide targeted messages and information to Roma communities and migrant and refugee centers on how to prevent COVID-19 and where to seek assistance on a range of issues including hygiene, nutrition, and guidance for parents on positively coping with confinement with their children. The support to UNICEF is part of a total of $1.38 million in US COVID-19 assistance to Serbia so far.

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