Haiti Hope Delivers Value to Farmers

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Where do your mangoes come from? Come along as a harvest of delicious Francique mangoes travels from the farm to your shopping cart, and meet the Haitian farmer who is proud to share his mangoes with you. Bon appétit!

Video Transcript 
Haiti is a country that’s rich. Rich in nature. Rich in people. We grew up playing in the mango trees. We ate what fell off and sold what didn’t. Often for very little and only to our neighbors. Now we are moving forward. Before, I didn't have many mango trees. But now, they have great value. I learned how to improve the quality of my mangos so that my children will benefit in the future. I now have a credit history with the bank. I've used my income to start other businesses. And I can support my family and community. We now sell our mangos Fair Trade certified which offers more equity and transparency. With the premiums we've received we have brought water to our entire community. Now, everyone has water. We’re working together and growing stronger. And as women, we're not just selling mangos now. We can do everything. We've leaned how to make our mangos the best quality in the market. We're selling more than ever before, both in our own communities and around the world. And we're organized to sell directly to the international market. Everyone knows that the sweetest mangoes come from Haiti. And the sweetest mangoes in Haiti come from my garden. I hope you all eat with a happy heart. Bon apetit. Haiti Hope Project: A partnership to double mango incomes of 25,000 farmers.

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