Fresh Mushrooms From Ermera

Speeches Shim

First in a series of four visual stories about people succeeding in agri-business through their participation in a grants program from USAID's Avansa Agrikultura Project. Avansa has supported 55 locally run businesses in Timor-Leste and those businesses support more than 420 employees and have created more than 100 new jobs since the program began in 2015. This story features a group of Ermera mushroom growers who turned early failures into success. Find out more in the video.

Video Transcript 
We had our idea of starting the business build when we were still at the university, When we started this group, we only made $150 in 3 months Our business had failed three times We almost lost hope, but we keep on trying We heard there was a grant opportunity opening with Avansa We stayed up all night together devising the proposal that we presented to USAID When we heard we had got the award, we were so happy Our plan is to fill this place full of mushrooms, Then find another place to grow so we can sell throughout Timor-Leste Before we had to rely on our family to pay for our education But they only have enough money to meet their daily needs Right now, we are able to pay our own school fees We would like to thank USAID for their support. Not only here but with their continued support maintaining good quality mushroom production Fresh Mushroom from Ermera

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