Connecting the Private Sector to Global Development

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Bugala Island
Lake Victoria, Central Uganda

This is a story of connectivity
The connectivity of an island
An island with communities disconnected

Disconnected from access to safe water
Disconnected from electricity
Disconnected from the mainland

What happens when a remote island connects?
When a state-of-the-art ferry connects the island to the mainland?
When a water filtration system is installed in a community where water-borne diseases run rampant?

Healthy children run free
Food and other supplies enter from the mainland
Tourism and businesses grow
And people’s daily lives improve

All because of an infrastructure project
Financed by the private sector

The private sector is lowering the rates of disease
The private sector is building new roads
The private sector is strengthening communities

The private sector is investing because of a credit guarantee from USAID

The Kalangala Infrastructure Project connected Kalangala to the mainland with a new state-of-the-art ferry, opening up transportation lines for goods and services

The ferry launched on August 16th, 2012

The project also installed a safe water-treatment system in the village of Kasekulo
Since the system was installed, cases of water-borne diseases dropped over 80 percent

USAID is supporting private businesses around the world
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Financing for the project from: INFRACO, UDC of Uganda, IDC of South Africa, Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund

USAID and Guarantco are jointly guaranteeing a $7 million loan from Nedbank, which helped catalyze the partnership

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