North Macedonia's companies are transforming development

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For over 20 years, USAID has been advancing economic development in North Macedonia. Affirming the leading role the private sector plays in accelerating economic development, the USAID Business Ecosystem Project is partnering with the private sector to co-invest in solutions to solve local economic development challenges. To learn more about USAID's private sector engagement approach, visit: The USAID Business Ecosystem Project has co-invested $203,705 that has mobilized an additional $1.3 million from 25 lead companies, resulting in a total investment of $1.5 million in 58 suppliers.

Video Transcript 
Voiceover: What does it mean to be a lead company? Does it mean being the biggest? Or being first? Competition in the global economy is no longer between individual companies, but between entire supply chains. To be a lead company means to be engaged in the development of the local economy, supply chains and workforce. Aleksandar Hristovski, Sales Manager at Sano: Sano wants to partner with farmers. We don’t just want to sell them our wares, we want to work together on improving the success of their farms. This year, Sano decided to invest in a livestock feed mixer, as it’s commonly known, or a TMR, with the goal of demonstrating the benefits of that technology to our farmers. The bigger and more powerful farms are, the greater their purchasing power and ability to afford our wares. Hristina Cvetkovska, Sales Manager at Rade Konchar TEP: Rade Konchar TEP has a great relationship with the universities when it comes to getting their students to engage in our work. Through our collaboration with both the students and the professors, we’re looking to find well-qualified workers for our company. Sinisha Stefanovski, Owner of LK Raspberry: I started this business with one idea – to keep young people from moving out of the country. My first goal is to get as many contract farmers with small family plots as I can. Investing in raspberries is not expensive. I’m trying to ease the investment of my farmers by providing them with inputs they don’t have to repay.  Xevair Osmani, Owner of Ekosharr: As a dairy, our priority has always been and will continue to be to invest in our contract farmers, because we want to get better quality milk. Voiceover: Lead companies know that investments in the local economy and investment in their own future. Invest locally, compete globally!

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