Statement by USAID Administrator Mark Green

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Monday, March 16, 2020
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For two and a half years, I have had the honor, and the joy, of serving as the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Today, it is with pride, and not a little sadness, that I announce my plans to leave USAID and return to the private sector next month.

With the vision and dedication of the men and women of USAID, the Agency has done unceasing and robust work to change and improve the power of foreign assistance to help our partner nations on their Journeys to Self-Reliance. The purpose of foreign assistance is to end the need for its existence. The work of USAID every day provides a powerful return on investment to the American taxpayers for our national security, our economic growth - this generosity is simply in our DNA as a country.

USAID showcases to the world America's depth of leadership and abiding compassion, not only in our initiatives in global health, food security, and economic development, but also in our unmatched response to natural disasters and public health emergencies.

Under the direction of President Trump, we have increased the effectiveness of foreign assistance by implementing the Agency's internal reorganization ("USAID's Transformation"); advanced a field-driven mission; and greatly strengthened our technical expertise, operations, and staff.

We have led the world in responding to disasters both natural and man-made. We have carried out groundbreaking initiatives aimed at helping religious and ethnic minorities recover from atrocities - like Christians and Yazidis in Northern Iraq and the Rohingya in Burma and Bangladesh. We have also worked to empower millions of women and girls through the Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (W-GDP). And today, we are working with other U.S. Departments and Agencies in the international effort on COVID-19.

I want to thank the President and Vice President for their support of me and this remarkable agency. I look forward to seeing USAID's mission continue to address the wide-ranging development and humanitarian challenges of the 21st century.