Acting Deputy Administrator Barsa's Message to USAID Staff

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For Immediate Release

Thursday, January 7, 2021
Office of Press Relations

This is a message from Acting Deputy Administrator John Barsa sent to USAID staff regarding the events of January 6.

Like all of you, I watched yesterday’s events with a mix of horror and revulsion. That some of our fellow citizens were not just physically assaulting law-enforcement officers, but also were storming and desecrating the United States Capitol - the most tangible and hallowed evidence of our government “by the people” - is unacceptable.

We at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have a particularly acute appreciation of the value of democracy, the rule of law, and smooth transitions of power. These are some of the things we strive so earnestly to promote around the world. This is what we do.

As one who started my career working as staff in the United States Congress, I have a very personal reverence and appreciation for not just the buildings that make up the U.S. Capitol complex, but also of the individuals who work there and the ideas and ideals that animate its operations.

Our USAID values make us strong. Our collective strength, dedication and commitment allows us to accomplish our great mission each day, despite any challenges that come across our path. Let us commit to take care of one another as we continue to promote our values and continue our work around the world on behalf of the American people.

I plan to remain in my position until the end of the Administration to ensure USAID’s focus remains on our critical mission and to lead an orderly transition to President-Elect Biden’s team.