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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Ardian Hoxha, founder of a franchise during his presentation
USAID Economic Governance Activity [Chemonics]

On November 12, 2020, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, with support from USAID’s Economic Governance Activity, held a virtual panel with representatives of franchisors and franchisees in Kosovo.  The virtual forum highlighted franchising as a business model with great potential for budding entrepreneurs in Kosovo.  Panelists included Burger King and KFC franchisees and a franchisee of the Turkish company SushiCo, who also owns the Kosovo franchise Green & Protein. The panelists provided firsthand information on the advantages and challenges of franchising, discussed lessons learned during the establishment and operation of franchises in Kosovo, and explained Kosovo franchisors’ efforts to expand to foreign markets.

Drawing on his experience as both a franchisor and a franchisee, Green & Protein and SushiCo owner Ardian Hoxha, who also moderated the event, encouraged entrepreneurs to seek additional franchising opportunities.  Both he and Shkumbin Muçolli, representing Burger King, noted that franchising enables workforce skill development by providing structured staff training and introducing more efficient company structures.   

In developing economies, franchising has important spillover effects.  It broadens consumer preferences and raises expectations, thus increasing the range and quality of goods and services available in the market.  KFC General Manager, Erëmal Bajrami, stated, “Franchising provides direct and indirect benefits to the Kosovo economy.  It increases product quality in general, and it also increases the labor force development in Kosovo.”

Successful domestic, practical, business examples, such as current franchisors and franchisees, can encourage and motivate prospective entrepreneurs in Kosovo to lead Kosovo’s future economic growth and business development.  A sustainable and well-developed private sector, learning from its own experiences, is crucial for Kosovo’s economic development.