Pakistan Strategy Support Program

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Pakistan Strategy Support Program strengthens institutional capacity and policy making by fostering evidence-based decision-making on public policy issues.  The program works closely with the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, and other key Pakistani institutions. This program primarily conducts economic policy research to support Pakistan's Vision 2025 in four key areas: macroeconomics, markets, trade; agricultural production; water management and irrigation; and poverty dynamics and social safety nets. Within these four areas, the program provides economic modeling, training, and policy advice to Pakistani institutions and researchers.  The Pakistan Strategy Support Program also administers a competitive grants program for Pakistani economic researchers and builds networks of researchers.
PSSP is guided by a National Advisory Committee (NAC), chaired by the Minister of Planning Development and Reforms. PSSP coordinates its policy advisory activities through the NAC to inform and assist with policy making and its implementation.
The objective of PSSP is to contribute to food security and economic growth to benefit the poor by helping government leaders design and implement evidence-based policy reforms.
  • Conduct an economic policy research program focused on macroeconomics and trade, water and irrigation issues, agricultural production, nutrition, and poverty reduction.
  • Work with partners and stakeholders to address key economic reforms, such a developing a new agricultural seed law, reforming fertilizer subsidies, developing a national water policy, and refining poverty measurements.
  • Administer a competitive grants research program to social scientists in support of Government of Pakistan's Vision 2025 development strategy.
  • Train government and institution researchers on advanced economic modeling and simulation techniques, geographic information systems, data analysis tools, and survey techniques.