Dairy Project

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The Dairy Project helps USAID meet its goal of improving the economic lives of Pakistani citizens by improving the performance of firms in the agricultural sector. The Dairy Project seeks to boost the incomes of small dairy farmers in Punjab by providing training on best practices in dairy production. Trainees are introduced to techniques and resources that help improve milk yields and livestock management.  They also receive basic equipment. The project promotes linkages between small dairy farmers and suppliers, service providers (including financial service providers), and higher-end markets. The project also is upgrading 100 dairy farms to serve as service and supply hubs for the larger dairy farming community in Punjab.
The main objective of the Dairy Project is to increase the productivity and incomes of small dairy farmers in Punjab.
  • Train and support 49,000 small dairy farmers in best dairy farm practices and link them to high-value milk buyers.
  • Train and support 6,000 female livestock extension workers on improved farming practices and establish them as self-employed dairy extension service providers.
  • Train and support 2,500 unemployed male youth in artificial insemination techniques and establish them as self-employed breed improvement service providers.
  • Upgrade 100 dairy farms to serve as input supplies and extension services hubs, and support 10 bio-gas pilots.
  • Augment all the above activities through a media campaign to reach three million dairy farmers with information on dairy best practices.
  • Pilot a community biogas solution to address energy shortages.