Merit and Need Based Scholarship Program (MNBSP)

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USAID and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan established the USAID-funded Merit and Needs Based Scholarship Program for deserving but financially constrained students who could not otherwise afford to earn their degrees.

The USAID-funded Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program funds full-tuition scholarships and stipends for talented yet economically disadvantaged Pakistani youth to earn a bachelor's or master's degree at any of 30 partner universities across Pakistan. The scholarships cover student housing, textbooks, a food stipend, and tuition. 

Disciplines under the Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program include business, agriculture, social sciences, medicine, and engineering.  The scholarship program is advertised nationwide at the beginning of each admission cycle, making special efforts to attract women and applicants from rural areas. 

The USAID-funded Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program provides learning opportunities through scholarships to disadvantaged students who meet the academic criteria for admission to any of 30 universities partnering with USAID for this program.  The scholarship program builds the capacity of these universities and the Higher Education Commission to design, implement, and evaluate scholarship programs in a transparent and equitable manner.  The program also helps to prepare selected scholars for post-graduation careers.
Main Activities
  • Provide scholarships at 30 partner universities to academically gifted yet financially disadvantaged students from all areas of Pakistan for bachelor's or master's degrees.
  • Provide technical assistance and standardize the administration of scholarship programs at the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and partner universities.
  • Prepare scholarship recipients for careers in academia and the private sector, including through their participation in an alumni network.