KP Reconstruction Program

Speeches Shim

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Reconstruction Program supports the KP government's efforts to rebuild public infrastructure destroyed during the 2009 military operations and the 2010 flooding. The program rebuilds education, health, water, sanitation and irrigation facilities. It is also working closely with the KP government to improve its capacity to deliver essential services.
The project's objectives are to rebuild conflict-affected public schools, health and water infrastructure; improve the learning environment in public schools by providing essential furniture and laboratory equipment; and rehabilitate essential irrigation and communication infrastructure damaged by the 2010 flash floods.
Main Activities
  • Reconstruct and rehabilitate militancy affected public schools
  • Rehabilitate and improve outdated water systems
  • Rehabilitate and restore flood-damaged infrastructure
  • Provide essential equipment to damaged health facilities, and furniture and lab equipment to schools
  • Provide consultative services to improve the capacity of the KP government to manage reconstruction programs