KP Governance Project

Speeches Shim

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Governance Project works with the KP government and civil society organizations to improve local and provincial governments' abilities to provide services to their citizens.  The project works closely with the KP government and local stakeholders, and is aligned with the KP government's Strategic Development Partnership Framework.


The project strengthens the government's ability to deliver essential services throughout the province, promote democratic advances, and improve gender equality.  The KP Governance Project also supports efforts to increase dialogue between government officials and citizens.


•    Develop and implement strategic communications for the Information Department.
•    Strengthen internal resource mobilization.
•    Strengthen capabilities of local schools and government.
•    Establish Public Facilitation Centers for key services (E-Khidmat Centers) in selected districts.
•    Promote accountability by strengthening Right to Information, Right to Public Services and Women Commissions.
•    Develop of road map to promote micro and small enterprises in KP.
•    Strengthen service delivery for public-private partnerships.