Gender Equity Program

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The Gender Equity Program works to close the gender gap in Pakistan by actively supporting women's economic, political, and social development. The program helps women access information, resources, public services and institutions so they become full and active members of society. The program also works to change societal attitudes toward women. 

The Gender Equity Program educates women about their rights at home, at work, and in society. The program is working to expand women's access to justice and human rights, while combating gender-based violence. 

Main Activities
  • Support Seamless Service Delivery Hubs so victims of gender based violence can more easily receive shelter, medical services, counseling, and job training.
  • Raise awareness about women's rights and labor laws, such as, the Protection of Women against Harassment Act and other pro-women laws.
  • Train home-based workers on design, production, and marketing techniques so they can increase their income.
  • Promote women-­friendly spaces, such as waiting rooms in the courts, so women can access judicial services.
  • Advocate for a national census of women working in the informal sector so they have better representation in policy making.
  • Work with the National Commission on the Status of Women to create standardized gender-based violence indicators.
  • Work with universities to offer staff-wide gender-sensitivity training and to promote research studies on gender issues conducted by faculty and students.