FATA Institutional Strengthening Project

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USAID's FATA Institutional Strengthening Project (FISP) strengthens the ability of the FATA Secretariat (FS) and FATA Development Authority (FDA) to plan, manage, and oversee resilience and development activities, and become more effective and responsive to citizens' concerns. Through assistance in the areas of systems development, training, and critical information technology support, the project helps these institutions to develop and manage programs at the agency and community level, monitor their implementation, and engage in more effective communication. 
The project's objectives are to increase the efficiency and ability of the FATA Secretariat through the provision of information technology support and services; to create and institutionalize an automated, electronic PC-1 system; to provide critical bridging human support support to facilitate smooth functioning of FATA Secretariat departments; to develop strategic communication capacity for engaging communities; to strengthen staff capacity through various professional trainings; and to ensure the FATA Secretariat's capacity to monitor development activities.
Main Activities
  • Automate a planning process through the Planning Commission Forms Management System, build staff capacity through training, and develop an online information  portal
  • Provide day-to-day IT support to FS and FDA that includes maintenance, repair, and connectivity of the IT equipment, and on-the-job training
  • Strengthen human resource management at FS and FDA through expanding tracking systems, training for capacity enhancement, developing standard job descriptions, installing biometric attendance systems, and equipping the existing FS filing and digital resource access facility
  • Strengthen the women's empowerment section of FS.