FATA Infrastructure Project

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The FATA Infrastructure Project (FIP) constructs roads to connect remote communities to markets and facilitate access to essential services; restores electricity infrastructure; and improves access to water for drinking and farming. This program is also supporting the construction of the Kalat-Quetta-Chaman road in Balochistan, an important cross-border trade route between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The program's objectives are to facilitate Pakistan-Afghanistan cross-border trade by reconstructing major trade routes; to connect remote communities to mainstream Pakistani cities to enhance socioeconomic opportunities; to facilitate agriculture and other businesses by providing farm-to-market access; and to restore and improve the supply of electricity and water to conflict-affected communities.

•    Rehabilitate and reconstruct road networks, including bridges and tunnels.
•    Rehabilitate electricity distribution systems to remote villages.
•    Upgrade power grid stations and transmission lines to higher capacities.
•    Construct irrigation system and improve community water supply.