Citizens' Voice Project

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The Citizens' Voice Project awards grants to Pakistani civil society organizations to promote the democratic participation of citizens in public debates, decision-making processes, and oversight of government functions. The project's fundamental goal is to strengthen links between citizens and government to increase government transparency, ensure citizens are included in the planning of public resources, and increase the public's trust in the government.
The Citizens' Voice Project aims to increase positive engagement between citizens and federal, provincial, and local government institutions on public policy, service delivery, and good governance.
Main Activities

•    Assist civil service organizations to increase voter turnout.
•    Support groups advocating for Freedom of Information Acts and educate groups about the law's usefulness.
•    Work with think tanks to improve public service programs.
•    Help local governments and organizations improve their management systems to work more efficiently.
•    Promote positive interactions between citizens and government officials.
•    Work with civil society organizations on reforms to the electoral process.
•    Train newly-elected local government representatives on their civic responsibilities.