Neighbors, Partners, Friends

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Close up of a woman's face with stylized leaf imagery in the background. Text overlay: Neighbors, Partners, Friends

For decades, the American people, through USAID, have been partnering with the people of the Caribbean to move education, health, economic development, and prosperity forward, so they have opportunities to better their lives and to promote stronger and safer communities.

Training young men and women on entrepreneurship and marketable skills while simultaneously fostering a business environment that will leverage their skills to promote innovation, partnerships, and economic growth.

Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience
Providing timely and effective humanitarian response, delivering disaster relief and lifesaving assistance, and standing with our neighbors when disaster strikes. Assisting the Caribbean in responding to hurricanes is not enough. We are also strengthening the capacity of the Caribbean people so they are more resilient and prepared for the impacts of natural disasters and can reduce the risks associated with them.

Strong and Vibrant Societies
Bringing communities together to address issues of common concern, including preventing youth crime and violence. USAID also helps strengthen government institutions and civil society organizations' ability to promote safety and security for all.

Today’s young people are the leaders of tomorrow. Empowering them with tools to succeed impacts our region. What affects one will affect us all, and as neighbors, the American and Caribbean people share similar interests. We are neighbors, we are partners, we are friends.