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Malak and her mother Naima at the closing ceremony for the Summer Reading Program in Temara

Seven-year-old Malak* could barely write her own name in Arabic last year. She has already had to repeat first grade before moving on to second at her elementary school in Morocco’s small coastal town of Temara. According to her mother Naima, Malak struggles with a learning disability.

Youssef Salhi, a Moroccan youth from Tangier, was selected along with his theatre troupe to compete on the international "Arabs Got Talent" competition

Youssef Salhi remembers a time when his neighborhood of Beni Makada was a safe place to live. As a young boy, he saw increasing numbers of migrants start to overcrowd his community. As the years went by, crime rates escalated as everyone fought for space, and he watched as his friends and neighbors fell victim to a slew of dangerous activities.

Marouane Bouzakhti shows his newfound skills at a USAID Career Center workshop

Despite goodwill and on his way to receiving a Master’s Degree in environmental sciences, Marouane Bouzakhti had great difficulty finding a job in Morocco. The only solution he could think of to improve his chances was to improve his profile to better distinguish himself from other candidates.

Moncef, 22 a beneficiary from USAID's FORSATY program in Tangier

Quiet and serious, the child was loved by all. He was very popular among foster families who hosted orphans during holidays and religious celebrations. At the age of 17 and almost a legal adult, El Fihri had to start preparing for a life on his own, which meant ending his schooling and leaving the orphanage. Without a plan, he felt helpless and desperate.

The dad-led School Brigade helps children safely cross the street to school

For children living in neighborhoods in the north of Morocco, walking to school is filled with peril. Cars whizzing through school zones at high speeds make the simple act of crossing the street a dangerous feat.