U.S. Hurricane Matthew Response Effort Infographic

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Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm, struck the central Caribbean on October 4-6, 2016. In advance of the storm’s arrival, USAID activated a regional Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) on October 3. The DART – which at its height comprised of more than 70 people—led the U.S. humanitarian response efforts in coordination with affected governments. The majority of the U.S. response was focused on Haiti, which sustained the most damage from hurricane.

U.S. Humanitarian Assistance

Over $82 Million provided to Haiti, The Bahamas, and Jamaica. In Haiti we provided:

  • 49,400 Blankets
  • 23,200 Kitchen Sets
  • 28,100 Hygiene Kits
  • 9,900 Rolls of Plastic Sheeting

Health and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

To prevent the spread of cholera and strengthen health services, USAID supported cholera treatment facilities and mobile health clinics in affected areas. USAID also promoted safe hygiene practices and provided water, sanitation, and other critical supplies including:

  • 1.5† Million servings of oral rehydration salts †to help relieve the effects of cholera and other diarrheal diseases
  • 5.7 Million water purification tablets to help provide safe water for 190,000 people
  • 38* Metric Tons of Calcium Hypochlorite (HTH) *to chlorinate piped water systems for three months


1.4* Million People in need of humanitarian assistance *175,000 people displaced 60% of roads damaged in SW peninsula

U.S. Military Assistance

275 Metric Tons of relief supplies delivered

98 Missions to deliver relief supplies and response personnel

Food Assistance

14,900 Metric Tons of locally-procured and imported assistance

126 Metric Tons of ready-to-use supplementary food *enough to to treat 31,502 children suffering from moderate acute malnutrition

All numbers as of January 4, 2017 Sources: OCHA and Government of Haiti

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