USAID Macedonia Promotes Inclusion in Education

Speeches Shim

On the occasion of USAID's 25 year anniversary in Macedonia, we have created a short video showing USAID's work promoting inclusion in education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, our local partners and schools across the country.

Video Transcript 
Education is for everyone! That’s why, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and schools, we introduced assistive technology to make education opportunities available for children with disabilities. We have provided scholarships for Roma children. Through intensive mentoring we helped increase the number of Roma students completing primary and secondary education. We have worked with teachers, school administrations, local municipalities, and parents to make schools warmer, more comfortable, and stimulating learning environments. We launched a project to improve the accessibility of education for children with visually impairments. We were the first to produce all primary school textbooks in Braille, raise public awareness about visually impaired people and their right to equal access to education and employment. USAID, through its local partners, has been helping improve education in Macedonia for nearly 15 years. So far, together with the Education Ministry, and local municipalities, we have renovated 193 schools. Through our projects, our partners have trained over 20,000 teachers in interactive teaching methodologies, and managing diversity. Back in 2005, we partnered with an innovative local internet service provider to connect all 460 schools across the country to wireless internet. Our project in partnership with the Lions Club, has conducted over 18,000 preventive eye-screenings for young children. USAID supported the founding of the first multilingual university in the region - South East European University.

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