Teacher Career and Professional Development (TCPD) Project

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Start date:  December 2012                 End Date:  June 2015   

Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):    $949,684  

Implementer:  Macedonian Civic Education Center


Strengthen the teacher career and professional development system in Macedonia.  Create and institutionalize structures and processes that guide and inform the system.


  • Ensuring that a comprehensive legal system is in place - Enhance the basic regulative frameworks (by-laws) of a system for continuous professional development for teachers, as well as help develop a career advancement system with procedures and criteria for all teachers.
  • Enhancing financial schemes related to TCPD - Conduct a comprehensive review of budgeting for TCPD nationally and present the Government of Macedonia (GoM) with funding scenarios for ongoing support and sustainability.
  • Developing standards for teacher competencies - Inventory clear standards of expected teacher competencies and professional development opportunities along with the tools for evaluating progress in those areas. 

Expected Results/Impact

  • Policy and provisions regarding TCPD will be clarified and enhanced.   Concrete interventions to improve TCPD will be formulated jointly with the Bureau for Development of Education (BDE).  The BDE will advocate for the incorporation of proposed frameworks to strengthen the teacher career and professional development system.
  • Nationally accepted and recognized standardized teacher competencies and professional development tracks will be clarified.  BDE managerial capacity will be enhanced by tools developed to monitor and measure teacher preparedness and evaluation.  Career and professional development opportunities will be inventoried and widely disseminated within the education community.

Contact Information

Contact at USAID:  Siena Fleischer, AOR, sfleischer@usaid.gov

Chief of Party:  Vera Kondik Mitkovska, vkondik@mcgo.org.mk

Information Officer:  TBD