Industrial Management Project

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Start date:  January 13, 2013          Duration:  Three years
Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):  $1.3 million
Implementer:  TimelProekt, in partnership with PointPro Consulting and the Center for Entrepreneurial and Executive Development (CEED) 


Improve Macedonia‘s competitiveness and energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions via greater clean energy investments, primarily through the introduction of a systematic energy management approach in the industrial sector.


  • Industry Selection – Screen industries to participate in the project based on criteria including industry energy intensity, potential energy and cost savings from energy management programs, and the ability to replicate results for broader application in Macedonia.
  • Demonstration Projects – Install cost-shared energy management systems in selected companies.  Train managers and staff on the international energy management standard.  Collect and monitor energy usage data for one year. Subsequently, assist companies in developing bankable energy efficiency upgrade projects and acquiring financing.
  • Training and Sector Development - Train local organizations that install and maintain energy management systems in the international energy management guidelines to build their capacity.
  • Outreach – Promote energy management practices through industry associations, including developing materials to promote the international energy management guidelines as well as energy management and energy efficiency best practices and project results.

Expected Results/Impact

  • Reduction of energy use, combined with fuel switching to local and less expensive (relative to electric heating) sources.
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduced dependence on foreign fuel and energy imports.
  • Ultimately, the extra capital and reduced fuel price risk should improve the competitive position of local businesses and therefore encourage further investment.

Contact Information

Contact at USAID:  Margareta Lipkovska Atanasov, COR,
Chief of Party: Dragan Blazev,
Information Officer:  TBD