Strengthening Political Parties Program

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The Strengthening Political Parties Program (SP3) is a five-year initiative to strengthen the ability of political parties to effectively participate in Liberia’s electoral and political processes. The goal of SP3 is to enhance the internal democracy and accountability of political parties and increase the accountability of political parties and elected officials to relevant constituencies and stakeholders.

The program has three phases that are aligned with the country’s electoral calendar. Poll-watching, debate preparation and other election-related interventions were conducted in the 2017 election phase through inauguration; internal democracy, party strengthening and policy development constitute phase two and will lead to the 2020 senatorial polls; and party consolidation and long-term strategic development make up phase three.

Current Activities

  • Increase political parties’ ability to build competencies in key areas of party administration and political organization;
  • Increase number of parties that comply with National Elections Commission financial reporting requirements;
  • Enhance the capacity of women, youth, and persons with disabilities who participate in SP3’s Advance Campaign Election School program who demonstrate an increase in knowledge in campaign and political organizing skills;
  • Increase women and youth skills to contribute to party development and party campaigns; and
  • Build young political actors’ competencies to develop and advocate for public policy proposals.