Liberia Media Development Activity

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The goal of Liberia Media Development (LMD) Activity is to increase citizens’ access to independent and reliable information, and empower them to engage in well-informed public discussions on issues of national importance. The Activity focuses on supporting media owners and managers, media development agencies, commercial media outlets, community radio stations, and government’s information services to provide a more balanced and accurate information to the public. Specifically, the LMD Activity is leading to:

  • Increased sustainability of media houses;
  • A plurality of voices represented in Liberian media and improved overall quality of the media;
  • Improved professional standards of journalism;
  • Strengthened normative-legal enabling environment for freer media; and,
  • Freedom Of Information Laws - Strengthened Independent Information Commission to respond to requests from citizens and media establishments.

Current Activities 

  • Journalism training and in-house mentoring to improve the quality of reporting on national issues (i.e. elections), public financing, government transparency, and accountability;
  • Business management mentoring and training to media outlets to develop alternative revenue streams and sustainable business models;
  • Media Market Forum supported to stimulate advertising income from businesses, thereby improving the financial sustainability of local media outlets;
  • Technical support and ongoing training to 21 community radio stations throughout the country to improve citizens’ access to independent and reliable information;
  • Media law reform advocacy through conferences, training, professional mentoring, technical advice, meetings, and high level engagement; and
  • Independent Information Commission, government information offices, and reporters strengthened in implementation of Liberia’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.