AID 502-1 (Information Systems Inventory)

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AID 502-1 (Information Systems Inventory)


Items 1 through 8: Self-explanatory

Items 9 through 12: Critical information areas needed for this inventory. Provide as much detail (form number/names, etc.) as possible in order to determine information and work flow.

Item 13: In completing this item, think of the following questions:

a) When does the information cease to have value to your program or USAID?
b) How long should it be held for legal, fiscal, administrative, or historical reasons?
c) How long should it be maintained to support current Agency business?

Items 14 through 16: Self-explanatory

Note: Please contact Electronic Records Program manager (M/AS/IRD) with any questions.

Monday, November 23, 2015 - 10:00am