AID 461-6 (AEF Senior Foreign Service)

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AID 461-6 (AEF Senior Foreign Service)

Privacy Act Statement

Authority: 22 U.S.C. Ch. 52, Foreign Service, and E.O. 9397, as amended, for the Social Security Number (SSN).

Purpose: This form is used to evaluate the performance of Senior Foreign Service employees.

Routine Uses: The personal information is used inside the Agency by authorized personnel with a need to know. The personal information will not be disclosed outside the Agency without written consent of the employee concerned, except as appropriate under any applicable routine use in the Privacy Act or in the system of records notice USAID-1 Foreign Service Personnel Records. Copies of the Privacy Act and USAID-1 are available by contacting the USAID Privacy Office at

Disclosure: The personal information is provided by the employee to enable the rater to evaluate the employee’s performance, and the SSN is provided to enable proper entry of this report into the employee’s record. Failure to provide the required personal information may lead to mistaken identity entailing administrative complications with possible inconvenient or adverse consequences for the employee.

Confidentiality of Records: This form is an efficiency report which shall be subject to inspection only by those persons authorized by Section 604 of the Foreign Service Act, 22 U.S.C. 4004.

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