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Fortaleciendo la capacidad de las comunidades indígenas en Colombia para gobernar sus territorios y defender sus derechos e intereses.



The US Energy Agency Partnership (USEA) with USAID helps the Government of Colombia (GOC) and Colombian utility companies integrate renewable energy sources into the national power grid.  USEA’s Colombian work runs from January 2018-July 2022.


USAID promotes sustainable forest, agricultural and community land management. This program Addresses the causes of land use change, promotes sustainable livelihoods and increases the effectiveness of environmental policies. 


USAID helps integrate low cost, renewable energy into the Colombian market.


This program works to conserve biodiversity through ecosystem restoration, economic incentives for conservation and improved governance capacities.  USAID focuses on conserving and restoring tropical humid forests in the Amazon, tropical dry forests in the Caribbean region, and flooded savannas and transitional forests in the Orinoquia region.