USAID’s Biodiversity Conservation and Forestry Programs, 2012 Report

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Overview and Funding Summary

In FY 2011, International biodiversity conservation accounted for approximately $188 million in FY 2011 funding, with programs in more than 55 countries. Many activities worked to address the full range of threats in an ecologically-defined landscape.  Other activities focused on specific threats wherever they occur, such as work to combat wildlife trafficking in supply, demand and transit countries.   All biodiversity projects are designed based on an analysis of threats, and all site-based activities target biologically significant areas.
USAID invested $232 million in more than 40 countries in forestry – actions which conserve or better manage forests. Of this, $225 million was focused on tropical forests. About $134 million in forestry activities advanced climate change mitigation under the Sustainable Landscapes (GCC-SL) pillar of the Agency’s Global Climate Change portfolio. Approximately $88 million of USAID forestry efforts advanced biodiversity conservation as a key objective, while programs to restore or maintain forests for local services, such as freshwater supply and regulation, or reduced vulnerability to climate change risk factors and storm surge, accounted for about $11 million of forestry activity funding. 
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