USAID/Guatemala Gender Analysis Final Report September 2018

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Banyan Global conducted a gender analysis and assessment for USAID/Guatemala from May to September 2018. The analysis and assessment will inform the forthcoming 2019-2024 USAID/Guatemala Country Development Cooperation Strategy. Data collection for the analysis and assessment comprised an extensive literature review of secondary data as well as five weeks of primary data collection in Guatemala, including Guatemala City and Mixco, Chiquimula (Esquipulas), Petén (Flores City), and four departments in the Western Highlands Region: Quiché (Santa Cruz, Nebaj, Sacapulas), Huehuetenango (Huehuetenango), Quetzaltenango (Quetzaltenango), San Marcos, and Totonicapán (Momostenango). The research team consulted more than three hundred USAID/Guatemala staff and partners, young and adult women and men participating in USAID/Guatemala projects, and external stakeholders from the Government of Guatemala and civil society organizations. Data collection also included a survey of USAID/Guatemala and partner staff on gender integration knowledge, attitudes, and practices.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 2:15pm