Memorandum of Understanding

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The Government of the Republic of Ecuador (“Ecuador”), and the Government of the United States of America (the “United States”), (together, “the Participants”), share a common objective of working together to renew the partnership that has existed since USAID first opened its Mission in Ecuador in 1961.  The Government of the United States will be represented by USAID for the purposes of collaboration under this Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”). This collaboration is based on mutual respect and the shared values of empowering citizens to protect their rights; providing opportunities for open participation by all citizens and by civil society; promoting human potential, economic growth, and self-reliance; and protecting the natural environment.  Ecuador is represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs an d Human Mobility, and the United States is represented by the United States Agency for International Development (“USAID”). 

The purpose of this MOU is to set forth the understandings and intentions of the Participants to deepen their relationship and outline the ongoing programming in Ecuador that the Participants seek to continue to support, as well as new areas of cooperation.  The Participants intend to work together in the following strategic areas:

  1. Responding to, and reducing the risk posed by, natural disasters and other emergencies;
  2. Promoting the local and productive economic development of Ecuador;
  3. Helping the social development of Ecuadorians;
  4. Encouraging contributions to the protection and conservation of the environment in Ecuador; 
  5. Encouraging the sustainable management of Ecuador’s natural resources and renewable energy;
  6. Strengthening Ecuadorian public institutions, democratic governance, the fight against corruption, human rights, and civil society;
  7. Promoting education in Ecuador at all levels, including in science, technology, and innovation; and
  8. Contributing to strengthening the Ecuadorian system of care, integration, and protection of the rights of migrants and refugees.

Additionally, the Participants intend to seek other areas in which USAID’s development programming could be effective in complementing the development priorities of Ecuador, including its 2030 Plan for Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.  The Participants intend to work together to identify these needs, and to cooperate in designing subsequent, multi-year programming. 

The Participants expect to support the above-mentioned areas by working through local implementing partners in civil society, public institutions, and the private sector.

Issuing Country 
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 10:30am