Tanzania Education Fact Sheet

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USAID’s education portfolio supports improving student outcomes in reading in Kiswahili, the local language, for grades one through four. To achieve this objective, USAID is working at the national, district, and ward levels—and to some degree the regional level—to build the capacity of Tanzanian government institutions on several policy and institutional issues. USAID also supports increasing adolescent girls’ enrollment and retention in secondary school in Tanzania. This means (1) working with key stakeholders on teacher guides, student materials, and the training to use them; (2) building coaching and mentoring support for teachers; and (3) collecting data that will enable decision-making based on sound evidence and research.

Building on this model, USAID is implementing a new math and inclusion activity to improve arithmetic skills and increase access to learning for children with disabilities in early grades.

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Friday, November 15, 2019 - 3:15am