Democracy, Human Rights and Governance - Security Sector Reform

Speeches Shim

Security actors and systems play a critical role in advancing peace and stability in their countries while enhancing USG national security interest and USAID’s foreign assistance and development priorities. USAID has played an important role in establishing, maintaining, and improving the security sector in many countries by providing technical, material and financial support to their human rights and justice actors, including police, judicial, legal, prison, military, and paramilitary institutions. This also includes stated and civilian-oversight mechanisms such as parliaments, national ombudsmen, the inspector general office, and civil society and media actors. As part of this work, USAID supports security sector governance (SSG), which is the set of policies, plans, programs, and activities that a government implements to provide services that promote safety, security, human rights, and justice in an effective, transparent, and accountable manner responsive to the needs of the public.

Monday, December 14, 2020 - 11:30am