Health for All (Saúde Para Todos)

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Duration: January 2017 – January 2022
Total Funding: $63 million


The USAID Health for All (HFA) project supports the Ministry of Health through its National Directorate of Public Health (DNSP), National Malaria Control Program (PNCM), and the Reproductive Health (RH) Department  to increase the effectiveness of Government of the Republic of Angola’s (GRA) resources in satisfying the health needs of its population.

The HFA project builds on the long partnership between the U.S. and Angola in the health sector. The project provides targeted, evidence-based interventions in the areas of malaria and family planning (FP) and reproductive health. HFA’s overarching goal is to improve access to quality health care services for the Angolan people by strengthening the GRA’s capacity to deliver these services.

PROGRAMS AND GEOGRAPHIC FOCUS AREAS:                                      

  • U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) – Provinces of Cuanza Norte, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Malange, Uige and Zaire
  • USAID’s Office of Population and Reproductive Health - Luanda and Huambo




  • Train health workers to effectively diagnose and treat malaria cases
  • Train technicians on intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy using sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine as well as on case management during pregnancy
  • Support integrated case management of malaria at the community level
  • Lead implementation of national campaign to distribute insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs)
  • Support the routine distribution of ITNs in PMI’s six focus provinces
  • Assist with development of behavior change communication strategy for ITN use and care
  • Strengthen capacity to do malaria laboratory diagnosis
  • Reinforce institutional capacity of the National Malaria Control Program
  • Improve Angola’s health information system for malaria surveillance and reporting by consolidating use of DHIS2 platform
  • Support and expand the community development agent (ADECOS) program in three PMI focus provinces

Family Planning and Reproductive Health:

  • Support the RH Department of DNSP to expand FP long-term methods via capacity building
  • Improve FP and RH services, with a focus on youth
  • Generate demand for FP and RH services through improved health messages and behavior change communication
  • Strengthen institutional capacity of public and private health service providers



  • Contributed to a decrease in the total number of deaths from malaria by 11,814 in 2018, with fewer than 8,500 predicted deaths in 2019
  • Distributed 1,361,832 ITNs through the national campaign and covered more than 2.7 million people
  • Trained 185 provincial and municipal supervisors from 6 provinces, 60 municipalities in post-campaign communication for the promotion and proper use of mosquito nets, which in turn replicated training to 1194 community leaders
  • Trained 1026 health professionals in malaria case management and 259 in the use of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine in the intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy
  • 1489 Health professionals received trained in supervision on malaria diagnostics and 120 were trained in malaria case management at community level
  • Provided 849 training supervisions to Health Units and laboratories


  • Working with 42 health units in Luanda and Huambo to offer Family planning/Reproductive Health counseling or services
  • Working with the Health Promotion Department to develop a BCC aimed to promote FP in youth
  • Collaborate with other donors to support the MOH to ensure Angola commitment to the sustainability FP 2020 global initiative